Biology Club

The Biology Club brings together scientists, engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists and others interested in engineering with biology.

The Club has talks, social sessions and hands-on practicals or skill-sharing sessions (yes - we have even found some biology and making you can do at home!).

If you want to work on biology-related projects, Biomakespace is the section of Makespace for that. It contains experimental biology and fabrication tools focused on scientific applications.

Biomaker Meetup

Monthly in-person, informal meetup/hangout @ makespace for anyone for repairing, designing and building lab equipment.

Bring your own project to work on, take the opportunity to work through Biomaker training with others or join one of the Beneficial Bio community projects to benefit researchers in resource-limited labs in Africa and Latin America and in community labs like Biomakespace e.g. repairing PCR machines or designing frugal incubators.

Free biscuits, friendly dogs and chat included